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Lists and details of RFP's the Iowa DOT is currently soliciting or has recently completed.
Includes: Listings of prequalification categories with firms prequalified for each; online prequalification forms; all prequalified firms with expiration date.
Includes: prequalification category descriptions, prequalification process, selection process, contract policy.

* Please verify your e-mail contact listed on form 102111. Requests for proposals and other notices are being sent via e-mail.
Hard-copies are no longer being sent by U.S. Mail. Please contact Wade Bartz if form 102111 needs to be revised.

Instructions for using this web site are available here in PDF format.

This, and the following pages, are maintained by the RFP Coordinator, Wade Bartz. He is located in the Iowa DOT Central Complex at 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa, 50010. Contact references: Telephone number: (515) 233-7851, Fax number: (515) 239-1873, E-mail Wade.Bartz@dot.iowa.gov

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